Do work differently

Create meaningful work experiences.

Seriously. Does this matter?

Your people are your greatest asset. And the truth is, we all have more in common than what separates us. We want to be valued for who we are, have a voice that will be heard and most importantly have meaning in the work we do. Don't believe us, ask your people.


We all have talents. But as with anything, we need to grow, refine and develop our natural abilities.


Work shouldn't be just a place we go to. It should be where we thrive and do what we love to do.


We want to be valued for who we are. Diversity and inclusion is more than a HR policy, its a way of life.

"We all want to find purposeful, meaningful work. Work that plays to our natural talents and strengths."

Phebe Cho

Different. How?

Want to do work differently but unsure how? Our consulting services doesn't fit into a box but we figure this is the best way to describe what we do.



Finding the best available talent starts with the question, "What am I looking for?" We  work with you to identify talents, skills and potential and open your mind to the possibilities, and yes we do the hunting.


We all want meaningful work.  A place to develop our talents and to grow. We work with you to grow the potential of your people, all with a future focused lens. From growing capabilities to leadership development, we have you covered.

graduate job


The one problem every single company faces "How to keep talent?" We work with you to develop your talent strategies combining science and practical experience. The result, engaged staff who will do great things for you.

Let's reimagine together

Inspired to take action? Come on, your people deserve the very best. Let's start the conversation.

Want to think differently? Start here

Open your mind to the possibilities with the latest in thought leadership. Explore new ideas and start the journey to reimagine the way you work. Need another incentive... it's free

personal performance

Want to perform better at work? Then sleep better.

I know what its like not to sleep. When my daughter was six months old, I went back to work. The truth is, she did not sleep through the night till she was three. For two and a half years, I operated on less sleep than anyone should have, so I speak from experience. Sleep…
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new year work resolutions

Live to work. The future of the way we work.

Miss Honey. She was my daughters Kindy teacher. That year, was the first time she taught a child of a former student. For twenty plus years, she taught and still teaches in the same school. Some would think, you’d be sick of the job by now. But, not Miss Honey. She is exactly the type…
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Find your Calling

Stop. Reset. GO

I don’t know about you, but this year has rushed by. Going a million miles an hour, busy being busy. And it’s funny how things work out. Somewhere in October I suddenly crashed. At a conference in the Goldcoast, 104-bed bug bites stopped me. Well, technically it wasn’t the bites that stopped me. It was…
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Phebe Cho

The leaky female talent pipeline.

In 2016 I became a statistic. I decided to leave the corporate ladder, the one I had dedicated so much of my life to climb. I started to redefine what work could be. I joined 780,000 women around the world who in 2016 made the same decision. I am part of the leaky talent pipeline. So what…
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Gender Diversity

What the latest Australian Census results say about the future of our labor market.

The results are in. For the first time, there are more women (51%) than men (49%) in Australia. Then why is it, that our nations most senior leadership roles are still being dominated by men? Female representation on our ASX 200 boards has climbed to an all-time high of 25.4% We still have a way…
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Talent Strategies

How Uber is shaping your talent strategies.

Susan Fowler. Two words that have shaken Uber at its core. What happened to her was awful. It was unlawful, unjust and just plain disgusting. Her 3000-word blog post “Reflecting on one very, very strange year at Uber” has opened Pandora’s box to the toxic culture inside Uber. Last week, Ubers CEO, Travis Kalanick stepped…
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Still on the fence? Here is what our clients say

Accelus changed the way we do talent

"After working with the team at Accelus, we realised how we were boxing every stage of our talent process, from recruitment to development. We now recruit to talent instead of experience and the results have been phenomenal. We are now working with them to develop our talent and can't wait to see the results."

She opened my eyes and challenged my way of thinking.

“Phebe challenged my way of thinking. I was going to go with another candidate but she opened my eyes to the possibilities. I am glad as the candidate she recommended has far exceeded my expectations.”

I wasn't even looking at hiring

“Phebe has a keen eye for talent. I wasn’t looking for staff, but she approached me off the cuff with a high calibre candidate who she said I just had to meet. I meet her for a coffee and immediately understood why Phebe had recommended her to me. I normally struggle to find candidates with that skillset and although I didn’t have a vacancy, I know how hard they are to come by. Needless to say, I hired her.”

She built up our high-potential female talent pipeline.

“I trusted Phebe with our high-potential female talent. Her career coaching package has made a visible impact and I have seen the increased confidence and skills in my team. The feedback I have received from participants is that she understands what they are going through and is able to give practical advice to help build their skills.”

Thank you for your insights

“We have had many corporate development workshops; this was by far the best. Phebe had us hooked in from the very beginning with her high energy style.”