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Inclusion is not an adjective

Tasked with writing a piece that celebrates diversity for International Women’s’ Day I set off to see what the internet thought. I was overwhelmed by the number of events, discussions and blog posts that google returned. International Women’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the success and stories of women across the world. However…

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Connections, the soul behind diversity

meaningful work

As I sat at the dinner table with my family enjoying a hot bowl of pho, I thought about the journey my parents have had as migrants to Australia. They immigrated from Vietnam in the 70’s escaping the horrors of war. Here they worked incredibly hard, adapting to a foreign country, which they now call…

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Discovering failure

new career direction

We live in a society so advanced in technology and scientific breakthroughs, but we are lacking behind in education and living. The traditional norms of education still remain the same as they did thirty years ago, forty years ago, fifty years ago… We are still taught the same linear equation to life that our parents…

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Dear graduating student

work experience

Dear student, I know many of you work very hard at University – constantly motivating yourself to get good grades, have a good social life and discover your passions but what do you want the most at the end of all of this? I hear you; because I am one of you. We all want…

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Is your cover letter outdated?

Millennial jobs

Whether you’re applying for your first part time job at your local McDonalds or a full-time position at the company of your dreams, you need a cover letter. “By why?” I hear you ask, “It’s so outdated.” One of the most common things I hear in today’s market is that cover letters are not necessary,…

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What you can learn from a millennial

millennial jobs

Never did I ever think I’d be a full time working mother by my early 20s….well I’m not but I briefly lived that reality last week. Fortunate enough to get a full time temp job for a week I was swept up in the working world and all it has to offer having to battle…

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Meet the man who has inspired me


We all get dealt out different hands. My dad has overcome his life challenges and is the biggest career inspiration me. Born to a working class family and diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at twelve, my Dad, Gary Walton, still achieved his limitless potential. Forty-five years ago, the technology for diabetes is not what it is…

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5 things to know about LinkedIn


Whether you’re a student at a university or the CEO of a multinational company, chances are you own a LinkedIn profile. And if you don’t, I strongly recommend you do as LinkedIn is the biggest professional network in the world with over 500 million unique accounts. Why is LinkedIn important for your career? The world…

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Focus on building your toolkit

Career development

How one woman has accelerated her career Working in a male-dominated industry hasn’t been a problem for Nadia Tamigi. In fact, she attributes her success to fantastic male champions of change who have sponsored and advocated for her as she has climbed through the ranks. She is ambitious and has her eyes set firmly on…

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Boardrooms, Babies and Balance

Return to work mothers

As a full-time employee I’d always assumed that those working part-time had it made. With half the week in the office, and the other half at home with the family, it sounded ideal. But since returning from a year of maternity leave, doing my job on a part-time basis has revealed many new challenges. Balancing…

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