About us

Why we exist

We believe in the power of human potential.

It’s time for a new voice in the workplace. One that helps shape the future of what work means and what it gives us.

The old rules no longer apply, talent is mobile, restless and globally connected.​

We’ve been working in this industry for decades and see a better way.

We believe building knowledge, flexibility and diversity into our workforce will set us free.

We want to share everything we’ve learned to help you connect in ways that work for you, for businesses and for society.

Whether you’re looking for talent, looking for work, or seeking training to advance your career, we’re here to help you have it all.

We are Accelus. Shaping the future of human potential.

Our team

Phebe cho

Phebe Cho

Founder, CEO

Hello, I'm Phebe. I'm a passionate visionary who sees a world full of possibilities. I believe that work should be an extension of who you are, not just a place you go too. Meaningful work that plays to your strengths, your passion and your purpose.

Career advisor

Emma Smith

Talent Specialist

I'm Emma and I always see the glass half full. Nothing makes me happier than to see someone realise their own potential. I've worked in recruitment for almost a decade, across four cities and love connecting talent to their dream jobs.


Natasha Del Borrello

Neuroscience and HR Management

Yongky Andinata

Management Consultant - Data

Jack Walton

Marketing and Graphic Communication

Mason Devine

Psychology and Human Resource Management

Will Yiming Su

Asian market specialist

Your best days are ahead of you


We say goodbye to our 2017 internship group as they prepare to leave the nest and spread their wings. Each of them are uniquely talented, deeply ambitious and have limitless potential. We wish them the best as they head to their new adventures. 

Will you join us in 2018?