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Surviving as a student in a world where your job future is uncertain.

By a friend of Accelus | August 15, 2017

It’s no secret that the future of work is uncertain. As a student it’s easy to think that the odds are stacked against you. I recently surveyed to a group Millennial students, all from a diverse range of educational backgrounds and was surprised to hear their feedback. Honestly speaking, I fit into that group, a…

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Meet the man who has inspired me

By a friend of Accelus | August 11, 2017

We all get dealt out different hands. My dad has overcome his life challenges and is the biggest career inspiration me. Born to a working class family and diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at twelve, my Dad, Gary Walton, still achieved his limitless potential. Forty-five years ago, the technology for diabetes is not what it is…

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Attention all career focused women: STOP doing this one thing

By Phebe Cho | August 11, 2017

“But I don’t have enough experience. I know they want someone with a strong background in corporate finance” I sat, watching my private coaching client explain why she wasn’t right for the role. She had just spent the last ten minutes outlining what was wrong with that business unit. They were amidst a huge transition…

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Chasing your dream job? Do this and you won’t regret it.

By a friend of Accelus | August 3, 2017

We all have our dream job. You know the ideal one that we strive so hard to get. I had one. I had always dreamed of working for a large corporate company making a name for myself in PR. I was on a mission with tunnel vision on a single goal. It was not only…

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5 things to know about LinkedIn

By a friend of Accelus | July 27, 2017

Whether you’re a student at a university or the CEO of a multinational company, chances are you own a LinkedIn profile. And if you don’t, I strongly recommend you do as LinkedIn is the biggest professional network in the world with over 500 million unique accounts. Why is LinkedIn important for your career? The world…

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The key to your limitless potential.

By Phebe Cho | July 25, 2017

“Mummy, it sports carnival day!” my 5-year-old, squealing with delight as she pranced around the house. I broke into a smile. From year one to six, I came last in every sports carnival race there was. Everyone had crossed the finish line, and there I was, huffing and puffing down the 100-meter track. Every year,…

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Why you don’t need to wait for your next promotion to be a leader.

By Phebe Cho | July 20, 2017

Through Project Lucy, I have the opportunity to work with ex-offenders. I help them to unlock their potential and kick-start their lives with building meaningful careers when they are released. The truth is, I go to prison to help them, but the secret is they actually help me. Their leadership blows me away. I see…

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Two questions you must answer to harness your limitless potential

By Phebe Cho | July 10, 2017

I love Oprah. Who doesn’t? She is named “most influential woman of her generation.” Wikipedia defines her as a media proprietor, talk show host, actress, producer, and philanthropist. Oprah isn’t the most technically trained. She didn’t study at the best schools but yet, she has resounding success in everything she does. How does she do…

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What the latest Australian Census results say about the future of our labor market.

By Phebe Cho | July 3, 2017

The results are in. For the first time, there are more women (51%) than men (49%) in Australia. Then why is it, that our nations most senior leadership roles are still being dominated by men? Female representation on our ASX 200 boards has climbed to an all-time high of 25.4% We still have a way…

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How Uber is shaping your talent strategies.

By Phebe Cho | June 26, 2017

Susan Fowler. Two words that have shaken Uber at its core. What happened to her was awful. It was unlawful, unjust and just plain disgusting. Her 3000-word blog post “Reflecting on one very, very strange year at Uber” has opened Pandora’s box to the toxic culture inside Uber. Last week, Ubers CEO, Travis Kalanick stepped…

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I approached Phebe to help me take a new direction in my career and I'm so glad I did. She really understood what I wanted to achieve, offered practical and realistic solutions and provided a full end to end service. Phebe was both professional and approachable and I can thoroughly recommend using Accelus if you're wanting to take the next step in your career.

"She built up our high-potential female talent pipeline"

I trusted Phebe with our high-potential female talent. Her career coaching package has made a visible impact and I have seen the increased confidence and skills in my team. The feedback I have received from participants is that she understands what they are going through and is able to give practical advice to help them grow.

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